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ID number:776509
Published: 22.10.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 2 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
2.  Introduction    3
3.  Renewable energy in Poland    4
3.1.  Reserves of renewable energy sources in Poland and their utilisation    4
4.  Renewable energy types    6
4.1.  Geothermal energy    6
4.2.  Biomass    6
4.3.  Wind energy    7
4.4.  Solar energy    8
4.5.  Hydroenergy    8
5.  Conclusions    9
6.  References    10

Power sector is considered the main author of environment pollution. Therefore the changes in this sector towards limitation of environmental harms are symptoms of pro-ecological policy of the world communities.
From renewable energy sources not only electricity but also heat and mechanical energy are produced.
In Polish conditions heat is produced from solar energy using solar collectors as well as from low temperature heat of soil and water using heat pumps, from geothermal energy or from fired or co-fired biomass.
Mechanical energy is obtained from wind (grinding mills, windmills, simple intermediate pumping stations) or from water (sawmills, water-mills).
From seeds of oily plants it is possible to produce (by chemical processes) biofuels, which are added to liquid fuels or may be used directly in engines of a special parameters. To a large extend Poland is an agricultural country so there are there a good conditions for development of biofuels production.
Renewable energy is usually applied in Poland in a small scale, especially in individual houses, in settlements, housing estates and in small towns as dispersed energy production as well as in cooperation with traditional energy production.
The development of renewable energy sources utilisation has to be subsidised for many years with the aid of different incentives and supporting systems, depending on financial possibilities of particular countries. …

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