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You add study paper

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Someone else pays to download it, and you get a royalty

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The sooner you start and the more study papers you add - the more you will earn!

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You can start making money with your first added study paper and increase your income by adding each subsequent paper. You will continue to make money even after graduating from school or university. It has already been proven that authors who add all their school and study works during their studies earn 500,000 Ft and even more over time. You can also make it! So register and start adding jobs now!

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Registered users receive a 30% discount, if they publish at least one study paper.

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Registered users can download free materials from library.

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Registered authors earn royalties continuously.

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We invest up to forty percent of our revenue in marketing to increase each author's profits.

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We pay royalties each month and pay all related taxes.


Our online library contains more than fifty thousand study papers. With your friendly support, the library is growing every day.

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  • On earned royalties you will be able download other authors study papers without spending your own money.
  • Your papers will allways be available in your profile and will not be lost if your hard disk fails, you catch a computer virus or any other similar issue occur.
  • You can be very good to others and give up your royalty payments, then your papers will be available to others free of charge.
  • If you receive any benefits or have other reasons why you can not or do not want to receive royalties, you can suspend or restore it’s payout with just 1 button click in your authors profile. You will receive your unpaid royalties within next payout.

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