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eKönyvtár library
Terms of Use
  1. Explanation of terms

    1. Terms - this Terms of Use, the content of which and the terms and conditions contained therein are agreed by the Customer, in relation to all activities performed by the Customer in the eLibrary and in direct or indirect connection with the eLibrary.

    2. eLibrary - a website called “eKönyvtár” and the Internet address, where study materials created by various authors are published and available for download.

    3. Customer - a person who uses one of the eLibrary Services.

    4. Author's Profile - the part of the eLibrary where the Author can log in with his e-mail and password or social network credentials to add his Works, view their download statistics, keep his personal and billing data up to date, and perform other necessary actions in the eLibrary on his behalf .

    5. Collection - a set of materials published in the eLibrary.

    6. Company - a company named "CDI" Ltd., which is registered in the Republic of Latvia with registration number 40003589548 and is the founder and owner of the eLibrary.

    7. Services - processing, display and delivery of information performed by the eLibrary at the request of the Customer, for the receipt of which the Customer pays the Company in accordance with the prices published in the eLibrary.

  1. Terms of use of materials published in the eLibrary

    1. The Customer may use the eLibrary only with full consent to these Terms.

    2. The materials published in the eLibrary are intended for educational purposes, their copyright is protected in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and Hungary, as well as European Union and international legal norms. When quoting any of the works in the collection, a reference to the specific work and to the eLibrary is mandatory.

    3. The e-Library maintainers are not responsible for the content of the materials in the Collection - the opinion expressed in the published materials does not always coincide with the opinion of the e-Library creators, and the information published in the e-Library is not always true. The authors of the works are fully responsible for the content of the works and related information, as well as their authorship.

    4. Reproduction in whole or in part of any material published in the eLibrary in electronic, printed or any other form, as well as further distribution is prohibited.

    5. The only legal way to obtain the materials published in the e-Library is by paying for the e-Library Services in accordance with the pricing indicated in the e-Library, after which the Customer can get access to the downloads of the materials corresponding to the payment.

  1. Client's rights and obligations

    1. The Customer has the right to receive the Services by paying for them in accordance with the prices of these Services published in the eLibrary at the time of using the eLibrary, as well as in accordance with these Terms.

    2. When making a purchase, the Customer is obliged to provide the e-Library with a truthful e-mail address so that links to download works can be received, as well as the e-Library can identify the buyer and the content of the purchase, if necessary.

    3. In case of erroneous payment, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the Company by e-mail

  1. Rights and obligations of the company

    1. The Company is obliged to send a purchase confirmation to the Customer's e-mail address after the purchase, but the Company is not responsible for the Customer's incorrectly entered e-mail address, as well as Internet interruptions, communications, data transmission and server errors.

    2. In case the Customer has violated any of the provisions of these Terms and the Company has incurred direct or indirect losses, the Company has the right to recover related losses, including lost profits, cancel the Customer's royalties, if the Customer has earned it with his works in the Author's profile, as also delete the Client's Author profile from the eLibrary and transfer the case to law enforcement authorities.

    3. The Company has the right, at its own discretion, to inform the Customer about significant changes and news related to the operation of the eLibrary.

  1. Payment procedure

    1. In the eLibrary, payment for the Services can be made with payment cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron), if they are allowed to make payments on the Internet, as well as with the “PayPal” payment system. In addition, Customers can also pay in the eLibrary using their royalties accumulated in the eLibrary and with eLibrary gift cards during their validity period.

    2. It is illegal to use payment card and / or payment card data issued to another person to pay for the Services. The person guilty of such a criminal offense may be prosecuted.

    3. Payment for the Services made with a payment card issued to another person does not give the right to use this eLibrary Services.

  1. Delivery of Services and Refund Terms

    1. The Services are delivered online immediately after the payment, therefore the cancellation of the transaction is not possible after the payment and the Company does not refund the money paid to the Customers for the Services, except in the cases mentioned below in these Terms.

    2. In order to provide quality Services, the Company provides customer service. In case the Customer has received the Service incompletely or has paid for the receipt of the Service, but does not receive it, the Customer may inform the Company thereof by sending an e-mail to the Company to the e-mail address The Company will review each individual application, as well as try to get the Customer to receive the selected Service, but if this is not possible, the eLibrary will provide the Customer with the opportunity to use alternative eLibrary Services in the value of the previously paid fee.

    3. If a payment error occurred in the operation of the eLibrary, as a result of which the Company has received more money than it should, the Company will refund the overpaid money to the Customer. In the event that another party involved in the payment process is at fault for the payment error, such as the computer systems of the bank, card processing center and international card organization, the Company tries to help the Customer to recover the incorrectly collected money. If the Company receives a refund from the guilty person, then this amount is transferred to the Customer.

  1. Final provisions

    1. The processing of personal data is organized by the Company and the Customer in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Regulations, which are an appendix to these Regulations and to which the Customer agrees.

    2. The use of Cookies is organized by the Company and the Customer in accordance with the Terms of Use of Cookies, which are an appendix to these Terms and to which the Customer agrees.

    3. The Privacy Policy is described in a separate appendix to these Terms and Conditions entitled Privacy Policy, which is an appendix to these Terms and Conditions and to which the Customer agrees.

    4. All disputes in connection with these Terms shall be resolved by the Parties through negotiations, but if they do not reach a solution, the Customer may apply to the Company in the court of the Republic of Latvia according to the Company's place of registration and the claim may be considered under the laws and regulations of Republic of Latvia. The Company has the right to turn against the Client in any territory and organize its claim in accordance with any legal norms that, in the opinion of the Company, are appropriate for application.

    5. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms at any time without prior notice. The current version of the Regulations is published on the website

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