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ID number:352423
Published: 01.10.2021.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 43 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Abstract    2
  Anotācija    3
  Introduction    4
  Background to the Research    5
  Aim of the Research    6
  Limits of the research    6
  Research problems and methodology    7
  Outline of the thesis    7
Chapter 1.  Theoretical part    9
1.1.  Features of personnel motivation in Airline industry    9
1.1.1.  Airlines personnel features    9
1.2.2.  Personnel motivation    15
1.2.3.  Encouraging of personnel    20
1.2.4.  Methods for monitoring of personnel work quality    27
1.3.  Theoretical framework    31
1.3.1.  Depend Variable    31
1.3.2.  Independent Variable    32
1.4.  Development on Research Questions    34
1.4.1.  Research Question 1    34
1.4.2.  Research Question 2    34
1.4.3.  Research Question 3    34
  The conclusion of part 1    35
Chapter 2.  Practical Part    36
2.1.  Introduction    36
2.2.  Company background    37
2.2.1.  Services types and features    37
2.2.2.  Personnel    43
2.2.3.  HR management in the company    49
2.2.4.  Motivating and encouraging of personnel in the company    52
2.3.  Description of investigation of personnel motivating in the company    55
2.3.1.  Research methods    55
2.3.2.  Personnel’s survey    56
2.3.3.  Consumers’ survey    64
2.3.4.  Financial analysis of the company    68
2.4.  Interpretation of results and recommendations of personnel’s motivating improvement in the company    70
  The conclusion of part 2    73
  Conclusions and future work    75
  Introduction    75
  Conclusions    75
  Research Question 1    76
  Research Question 2    76
  Research Question 3    77
  Recommendations    77
  Aims of the Research    78
  Research Process and Design    78
  Limitations and Future Research    79
  Bibliography    80
  Appendices    85

Aims of the Research
The aim of the research was to investigate and provide recommendations of personnel motivation in the “airBaltic” JSC. For achievement of the aim the author has been solving next tasks:
• made investigation of theoretical literature and publications;
• investigated current personnel motivation system in the “airBaltic” JSC;
• Provided conclusions and recommendations for discovered problems and suggested recommendations in personnel motivation system in the “airBaltic” JSC.

Research Process and Design
The author of the thesis used several types of research process.
The author made the investigation of literature and publications. According to its results there was developed practical part.
There were used several researches processes in the practical part. Firstly, the author made the analysis of HR management system in the company. Then there is the investigation of personnel’s motivation system in “airBaltic” JSC. The analysis consists from three parts: results of personnel’s survey, results of consumers’ surveys, results of financial analysis of business effectiveness in the enterprise.

Limitations and Future Research
The author made the research of personnel’s motivation in “airBaltic” JSC. Its results show that the personnel of the company are not fully motivated with its work conditions. However there are several limitations which are leading to future research perspectives:
• Evaluation of personnel’s motivation resources influence in the company;
• Evaluation of professional work characteristics in the company according to ISO,
• Evaluation of Human Resources quality in Latvia.
The future research can be consisted from the analysis of the innovations in methods of information getting for Personnel’s motivation research. As well it can include other methods of stimulation personnel development in the company.

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