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ID number:420388
Published: 26.10.2009.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used

The terms”genetically modified food” and ”genetically modified organisms” are becoming more commonplace in everday conversations. Experimentation of genetic engeneering began during the early 70’s; this is when the first genetically modified organisms were created. However, people have been manipulating with gene pools since the dawn of agriculture and animal husbandry - over ten thousand years ago. The world population increased at unexpected rates, which caused the nutrient market to be in decline. There is not enough food to nourish everyone, thus the pabulum has to be rationed out to minimize famine. Scientists then opted for other solutions to solve the famine crisis; which is what led them to begin expretimenting with genetically modified products.
Genetically modified products are expected to reduce food shortages around the world; many crops are being cultivated to resist common pests, golden rice now contains Vitamin A, tomatoes contein more vitamines, allergens are reduced in peanuts, fish grow faster, pigs have less fat and better nutritional value and laying of birds has increased. Future plans are being made to include certain vaccines into the genomes of food plants, such as bananas; these plans will produce a number of positive results.

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