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ID number:629782
Published: 18.08.2009.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 7 units
References: Not used

Blade Runner (1982) is an American science fiction film, directed by Ridley Scott. The screenplay is based on the science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick. The film starts explaining that it is “early 21st century, the Tyrell Corporation advanced Robot evolution into the Nexus phase – a being virtually identical to a human known as a replicant. The Nexus 6 replicants were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in intelligence, to the genetic engineers who created them. Replicants were used Off – world as slave labor in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets. Special police squads – Blade Runner units – had orders to kill replicants. The action takes place in Los Angeles, year 2019, Rick Deckard is called out of retirement when a fellow Blade Runner is shot dead testing a replicant. Deckard is brought to his boss, who informs him about the recent escape of replicants from the generation Nexus-6. The boss provokes Deckard to kill the four replicants.
The film touches upon such important problems as overpopulation, globalization, climate change and genetic engineering. We see that genetic engineering has developed and resulted in the creation of human – like beings – replicants. The Earth is overpopulated that is shown by the use of Off – world. …

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