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  • Radioactivity

    and Waste Disposal

    Essays for secondary school3  

    At the same time the decontamination factors obtained in evaporation must be high to ensure that the activity of the condensate is negligible, though there remains the problem of ...

  • Radioactivity


    Essays for secondary school1  

    Radioactivity By: lilticklemeelmo_23 Radioactivity a.k.a. ...

  • Radioactivity

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Radioactive substances spontaneously emit rays that are similar to X-rays, however these rays are generated from the actual substances. These continual emissions can last for ...

  • What is



    Essays for secondary school1  

    What is radioactivity? The atoms making ... . This is called radioactivity. Atoms: In nature ... is emitted by radioactivit

  • The Effects of the Chernobyl Disaster

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Although there was a great contamination, the fertility is very high in the contaminated area, and, it is said that nowadays Belarus exports the products from this areas, even ...

  • Pollution as a Global Problem and Its Solution

    Research Papers for secondary school4  

    ... artificial forms of radioactivity, particularly from nuclear ...

  • Holy Roman Empire (Periodisation)

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school7  

    1303: the French king Philippe IV kidnaps pope Boniface VIII over the right to tax the French clergy 1306: Philippe IV expels the Jews from France 1309: French pope Clement V ...

  • Chernobyl

    Research Papers for elementary school9 Evaluated! 

    I chose to write about Chernobyl, because I am interested in these weird things, which happen sometimes. Especially if the government is trying to hide the obvious. You can’t ...

  • Chemistry as Central Science

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... discovered the artificial radioactivity. Chemistry is present ...


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