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  • "The Little Prince" - "All grown – ups were once children, although just few of them remember it"

    Essays for university6 Evaluated! 

    Most bookstores carry this French novella in their children section, and even though the book has fewer than 100 pages, sentences are simple and it includes more than forty ...

  • Contract for Participation at Fair-exhibition

    Samples for university11 TOP 500

    1.1. The COMMITTEE will organize the fair (exhibition) _______ ______________________ and will promote mutually beneficial trade agreement between the PARTICIPANT of the fair and ...

  • Tissue Engineering

    Presentations for secondary school20  

    Tissue engineering is a multidisciplinary approach to a critical problem in modern medicine – the supply of organs and tissues for transplantation. Most people know that there are ...

  • Radiotelephone Procedures

    Presentations for secondary school21  

    PROCEDURE WORDS (PROWORDS) WAIT - I must pause for a few seconds. WAIT, OUT - I must pause longer than a few seconds. WILCO - Have received your last message, understand it, ...


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