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  • This Information on Different Types of


    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... . Two or more gears, transmitting motion from ... , with suitably designed gears and flat-toothed ...

  • How to Install and Setup Axle Ring and Pinion


    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... ring and pinion gears! Just be sure ... of your new gears and axle.

  • Safety on Board

    Summaries, Notes for university112 TOP 500

    PN42O 1/1 What is the basic principle of fire prevention? Inspect the vessel at the end of each watch. VQMB9 1/2 Ideally the adjustable jet/spray nozzle on a hose should be ...

  • Gearbox Characteristics

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    ... second and third gears for easier downshifts ...

  • Claim in Connection with an Imported Equipment

    Samples for university7  

    ... of two bevel gears and one wheel ...

  • Computers

    Research Papers for secondary school18  

    The first computers were people! That is, electronic computers (and the earlier mechanical computers) were given this name because they performed the work that had previously been ...

  • Communication and Nonverbal Communication

    Term Papers for university56 TOP 50

    Conclusion In conclusion the following tips are to be taken into consideration: 1. Human communication means to make sense out of the world and to share it with the others. 2. ...

  • What Was the First Car

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school9  

    A Catholic priest named Father Ferdinand Verbiest has been said to have built a steam powered vehicle for the Chinese Importer Chin Lung in about 1678. There is no information ...

  • Company "Pivot"

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Pivot has many competitive advantages, which can be assessed according to Michael Porter theory (included in an appendix): Porter's Five Forces Analysis; The value chain; Cost ...

  • Logistics in Sport

    Research Papers for secondary school33  

    Abstract Formula 1, Olympic games, FIFA World Cup. Almost everybody, at least in the developed world, knows what these words mean. This paper explains how such events are ...

  • History of Video Games

    Research Papers for secondary school28  

    The title of the present research work is „Video Games”. The particular theme has been selected because it is a very popular topic with teenagers and children due to the fact that ...

  • Worlds Biggest Motorcycle

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    This monster is made by Gregory Dunham from the USA; Height: 3.429 m Length: 6.187 m Weight: 2.948 tons Engine type: V8 Engine capacity: 8.2 liter Tire diameter: 1.88 m Top ...

  • Differences between British and American English

    Research Papers for secondary school23  

    3. Summary After having processed and analyzed literature about British and American English, author has concluded that differences between them developed in a very early stage ...

  • Strategic Analysis of the "Norsafe AS"

    Research Papers for university18  

    6. Conclusion Now then economic situation is critical in maritime sector and lot of companies must rethink their strategies to survive time period of poor market and to find their ...

  • Tehnology

    Research Papers for elementary school5  

    Assigning technology use in the classroom is fine if all students have access to the device. But when edtech programs are considered for homework, at home intervention, or even ...

  • "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

    Essays for elementary school7  

    In terms of his initial hopes and expectations, Pip seems to end the novel as a failure. His two great hopes have been to rise to the status of a gentleman and win Estella’s heart, ...


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